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Busy Times as We Look Forward to Spring!

Busy times down here at the Community First Co-op.   Like all of you, we too have had enough snow on the ground down here, it can all be up on the hill now, where is belongs.  We had to cancel a meeting when people could not actually get out of their homes to attend, so was nice to arrive and walk on pavement that was cleared.

 The Kalein Hospice Society is offering a Day Hospice program for people with life ending diagnoses. The program will begin on Thursday, March 23 and run for 8 weeks from 10-4 each Thursday.  Participants need to be mobile or in a wheelchair but can be moved by 1 person, and they cannot be suffering from dementia. The program will include peer support, workshops, massage, quiet rooms for rest if needed and a nutritious lunch.

The Kalein centre in Rosemont will host the sessions and with the help of a grant, has been upgraded for wheelchair ease and kitchen renovations.  
If you or someone you know if interested, please call 250-352-2337, as a pre-screening is required to be part of this program, 

We applaud the Kalein Society and the Nelson and District Hospice Society for their collaborative effort to make this initiative available in the community.

Welcome to Maggie Hailey, a counsellor, who has moved her practise to the Main Floor clinic.  Maggie works in our building with Nelson Community Services on a part -time basis and has a private practise. She is now one of 5 partners in the clinic.

We are very excited to be offering a Friday evening session for our 3rd annual Passport to Wellness Health Fair. 

With a focus on Mental Wellness and Health for the Fair, we have 3 speakers lined up for our Friday, April 7, 2017 session in the Osprey Room at the Best Western Plus Hotel on Baker Street.  Gord Menelaws, Nancy  Bowie, and Tyler Exner will address issues of mental health in our area and the resources available to help.  

After they speak a panel will be held where questions generated by the audience will be answered. Join us at 7pm on Friday, April 7 for this informative session.  


Eric and Marion