West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic Society

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The TEETH Clinic in Nelson is preparing to reopen this summer, 2023, following a devastating fire last year. 

Despite the fire, their dental records were saved. If you had been a registered patient, you DO NOT need to re-register.

With the new Federal Government Dental Plan for families who qualify, currently children under 12, but soon to be children 18 and under, and seniors, dental treatments will be free for up to $650. Maximum, if families apply for the annual amount of $650 and leave it on deposit with the clinic.

The TEETH Clinic provides dental care at approximately 60% of the Provincial Fee Guide.

Government Funded Benefit Programs are funded at Ministry Rates.

The Clinic provides a range of costs for services as the services are dependent on your individual needs, including emergency fees for pain relief.

For more information, please go to their website:



The West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic Society is a non-profit organization able to offer low-cost dental services to low-income individuals and their families.

PLEASE NOTE that filling out the TEETH application form below does not register you for this program until a trained verifier signs that they have seen your proof of income (usually last year’s income tax assessment from Revenue Canada) and proof of at least 3-months’ residency in Kootenay/Boundary.

If your net taxable income is $42,000 or less, you need to fill out only page 2 if you are applying just for yourself, and pages 1 and 2 if you are applying for a couple or family.

Please check the brochure below for times and locations to have your application verified.