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West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic Pays It Forward: In Memory of Chrissy

TEETH Pays it Forward, In Memory of Chrissy
In remembrance of Christine Archibald, The West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic (TEETH) acknowledged the Archibald family’s challenge ‘to honour Chrissy’s life through acts of volunteerism.’ TEETH held a donation dental day in Nelson on Saturday September 23, 2017.  TEETH began operations in June 2014 and is a registered Society under the BC Societies Act. Community residents with a net family income of less than $30,000 adjusted and 3-month residency are eligible for dental services. The clinic offers 40% off dental costs found in the BC Dental Fee Guide. All government dental insurance plans are accepted at par.
During regular running clinics, staff working at TEETH are paid and most have permanent positions at other offices, so they usually work at TEETH on their days off. However, on Saturday September 23rdTEETH staff volunteered, their clinical expertise to provide optimal dental services to TEETH clients and offered dental services free or by donation.  #Chrissysentme. Thanks to an exceptional dental team consisting of 2 dentists, 2 registered dental hygienists, 2 certified dental assistants, 1 receptionist 2 support staff and the donated use of Dr. Osepchuck’s office. A total of 23 TEETH clients were provided with dental services and $756.00 was donated towards helping future clients that do not have sufficient funds to cover the costs of their dental treatment.
Christine Archibald, who grew up in Castlegar was a victim of a terrorist attack in London England on June 3, 2017. Her death has inspired countless acts of kindness by people around the world. ‘Please honour Chrissy by making her community a better place.’ ‘Volunteer your time and labour or donate to a homeless shelter.’ (Archibald family)

For more information on TEETH please contact: [email protected] or 250-352-6560 (TEETH info Hot Line).