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Passport to Wellness Health Fair: What’s Happening on Saturday, April 8th in Nelson

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Session Descriptions and Scheduling  
 Saturday, April 8th, 2017
Flourishing through Mindfulness- Sonya Franke, Certified Mindfulness Educator
Join Sonya Franke, certified mindfulness educator to learn simple yet effective techniques to increase present moment awareness, helping to cultivate healthy habits of heart, mind and body.  Scientists are calling mindfulness, “Brain Hygiene”.  Mindfulness offers us a way to meet our present moment experience in an accepting, open, compassionate way, developing greater inner patience, resilience, calm and happiness over time.  Learn how to practice in formal and informal ways
Mental Health through Massage – Sherri Bouliane  RMT
Sherri Bouliane will be presenting on how massage can help with a variety of mental health  issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia , PTSD, trauma and body awareness.
Karen Leman – Services to support mental health in our community and the health care system- IHA
Join Karen Leman as she helps us understand what the role of the IHA is in the mental health of our community and what resources are available for us.  She will be able to answer questions and direct people to appropriate resources.
Inspiring Change in self: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Relational Somatic Therapy for Chronic Pain and Mood Problems – Tara Emery RSW/RST
Join Tara Emery as she explains these practical treatments and how they can be used to set goals, inspire change, treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and insomnia. Tare is a Relational Somatic Therapist and Social Worker who has been with the RISEBC Wellness Centre for 2 years.
Resilience: Addressing the Challenges of MS ( and other Chronic conditions) , Lonnie Facchina Ms Resource Facilitator for Northern and Interior Regions
This session aims to educate and equip those affected by a chronic health condition with inspiring examples and resources to help put positive thinking to work in their own lives.
Growing Home: Your Personal Journey with Aging, Lee Reid Retired Clinical Counsellor-Specialized in Addictions, Founder of SEEDS & Author
Lee offers a 45- minute slideshow, talk and Q and A for group sharing that illustrates the values and skills rural seniors bring to healthy and creative aging.  The audience will travel into the homes and lives of seniors around the West Kootenay in a personal and intimate way.  The presentation is intended to both inspire, and to challenge, social perceptions of aging.  It is not a problem-solving venue
Parenting Kids in Anxious Times- Christy Bryceland, PhD and Liz Amaral, Family/Parenting Support- Nelson Community Services
Christy will talk about how to recognize childhood anxiety and offer strategies to support anxious children.  Liz will talk about the pillars of parenting especially needed in these anxious times. 
Emergency Room Perspective on Mental Health:  Dr. Wiedrick- MD CCFP (EM) ER Physician Lead and GP Anesthetist at Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson 
Dr. Wiedrick will share his perspective and provide time for group chat and discussion.
 Anxiety: What is it and how to manage it. Laura Barkwell- Registered Clinical Counsellor:
   In this session explore with Laura Barkwell, explore what anxiety is, how it presents, and how is can affect individuals. Tools and strategies will be discussed. In this session feel free to listen share stories and strategies to make this a useful, and productive session.  
Heartfulness Meditation and Peace of Mind- Sarah Sherk, Meditation Coach
Participants will be guided through a relaxation and meditation exercise to discover first hand, how this brings one into the peace of the heart.  Discover how to leave your thought behind and create a quiet space within.  In no particular posture, and in silence, you can learn to do this anywhere and at anytime.  
Community conversation inspiring action for Mental Well-being and Happiness in our communities.
Facilitated by Mia Gardiner
The “Bite” truck will be on site. Child care is available.
Come spend the day for your Mental Health and Happiness.
See you Friday and Saturday… will be a great two days for our community.
Marion and Eric